The Spark.

HappyBombs was started by Keith Manning and Phil Henson, two creative guys who are fueled by the notion of turning negatives into positives. Unfulfilled by building brands for other companies, they decided to build the brand they wished existed. A brand that believes in spreading positivity, sharing the wealth and building advocates instead of customers. A brand that simply makes them, and the world, happy. 

The Idea.

We create branded collections that support different causes. Then for every HappyBomb we sell, we donate half of the profits to an innovative charity that supports that cause. And while the concept of brands dedicating portion of profits to charities is more popular today than ever before, you don’t have much choice when it comes to which causes your purchase supports. HappyBombs empowers you to make your purchases based on the things you are passionate about, giving you the ammunition to amplify your own voice, start conversations and literally wear your heart on your chest.

The Causes.

Health, Education, Humanitarian and the Environment are the building blocks of a happier tomorrow. That's why every charity we support sits under one of these four causes.

Our Products.

Today, we make t-shirts, wall art, stickers and buttons. Tomorrow it could be sneakers, surfboards, snowboards or skateparks. At it’s core, the HappyBombs brand is a flexible, social communication, amplification and fundraising platform, amenable to all mediums, products and venues. 

Our Promise.

We put our heart into every design we make. And we strive to ensure every product you receive is printed on quality, modern-fit and finished materials. If you are unhappy with any of your purchases, please reach out to us at and we'll take care of you.